All the startup ideas that make me say “sheesh!”

As soon as you have 20 minutes to spare, I encourage you to go watch this short film about Sally Schmidt, produced by Oscar® award winning documentary filmmaker Ben Proudfoot, for the New York Times1.

Speaking of restaurants, Sally started a little establishment you might have heard of called The French Laundry.2


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Casey Newton was on the Vergecast in July to talk about how BeReal is taking over. On the podcast he described his “pop-up restaurant theory of social networks”, which he has been talking about since at least 2018:

I have this pop-up restaurant theory of social networks, which is: every restaurant is basically the same, but sometimes a pop-up will open up in your neighborhood and all of the foodies start going there, and they’ve just kinda remixed the ingredients a little bit, and for two weeks all everyone wants to talk about is this restaurant.

This post explores whether this pop-up restaurant theory can be applied to apps in general, not just social media.

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Last month the @microsoft Twitter account tweeted something relevant to my interests:

What’s the best advice you’ve received on how to maintain work-life balance?

This post explores the importance of the wording in the phrase “work-life balance”, and my quest to promote a better alternative.

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